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Helping you achieve better Software Development, Developer Experience, DevOps, and Platform Engineering.

achieving great success

Focus on outcomes. Not on buzzwords.

Great Success was founded by Suzanne Daniels to help you with challenges around interim IT management, Platform Engineering, Transformational IT projects and Developer Productivity. With 36 years of experience in platforms, software development, and program management Suzanne can help you achieve Great Success.

Technology can be a real enabler, but it’s easy to get distracted by the latest hype or pushing fast for quick wins. Focus on what matters most: the impact your company makes on your customers, and your engineers.

My mission is to empower organisations and their professionals to harness the potential of innovative developer technologies to achieve great success.

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Your great success is my great success


Developer Relations & Technical Product Marketing

Need help with marketing your product to technical audiences? Need to build out that open source community with a proven strategic approach?

Having experience as a leader in Technical Product Management for developer audiences, developer advocacy, program management, and developer relations Suzanne is well equipped to help you.

For previous employers she was responsible for sales, marketing, and community growth strategies.

Stages, video editing, content creation and community building have been a part of her toolkit in the past years.

Developer Productivity, Platform Engineering, DevOps

Coming from the trenches, Suzanne knows her way around application platforms, SDLC tools, the CNCF Landscape and is familiar with multiple agile methodologies (and how we diverge from them usually).

Having worked for internal developer portals like and, and being involved in building solutions around Azure DevOps and GitHub with various companies, I have a clear understanding on how to assess your current state, and finding a path forward together.

Technical Interim & Consultancy

Suzanne is well experienced in leading scalable transformational programs, technical project management, and people management.

Having worked in organisations like Government, Telco, MSP, ISV, Research, ISP, Networking, Security, Wholesale, Hospitality, complex organisations and challenges bear little surprise.

Being a techie at heart, and a quick learner, Suzanne can dive into complex technical topics and own them.

Let’s work together!