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Suzanne’s talents are plenty. She is deeply technical, intimately aware of the interests and challenges of developers in several communities, she’s an engaging host (emcee), and she has vast experience producing, and editing video. She’s creative, has great energy, and will relentlessly fight for what’s right. I’d grab every opportunity to work with Suzanne, with both hands.

Floor Drees

EBPI, Rijkswaterstaat, Economische Zaken, Tele2

Technical Sales:
IBM, Microsoft, ZeelandNet

Suzanne thrives on technology and community. She combines a great understanding of the industry, creative developer marketing skills and deep technical knowledge, for example on Java, open source or cloud-native technologies. All while continuously striving for a more diversity and inclusion.
Suzanne can also successfully bridge the broader developer community and technical audiences within the Microsoft partner and customer landscape. She builds upon a great experience working with and at partners, to bring together different stakeholders to create scalable and impactful initiatives.
It’s truly enriching to be able to work with Suzanne on a day-to-day basis!

Nick Trogh

Consultancy, 10 years:
Proxy Services, Snow – for various projects and customers

Software Development, 10 years:
VliComp, Tele2, Spotify


I am constantly impressed by her ability to lead and scale open-source teams with candor, kindness and curiousity. She works with the developer in mind favoring quality solutions that lean towards innovation and accuracy. As a leader, Suzanne additionally teaches others as she grows, I learned a lot from her even simply through a partnership relationship. She never hesitated to answer any questions I had or take time to teach as I was on my own journey — something that should be truly commended in any leadership opportunity. These skills are in addition to her business acumen and understanding of what it takes to run an open source software business — advocating for her team and the community as a whole is second nature for Suzanne.


Erin Mikail

Leadership (IC):
Spotify, Microsoft, Port

Product Marketing Management:
Microsoft, Spotify, Port

Developer Relations:,,
Microsoft, Spotify, Port

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